We were in London again. And it was great. I know we always say that, but this time it was really perfect. Last year we worked hard to bring something new and special to the market. We succeeded and the visitors of the ICE 2020 exhibition in London appreciated it accordingly. Our ChipperX chipping machine has been a great success. A lot of people from casinos and live gaming companies came to see it.

The proof that our decision to embark on the difficult path of developing such a product was the right thing to do is that we received several orders for ChipperX right at the show. We are really happy to know that customers trust us that we will supply them with a quality product.

This time ICE 2020 in London was about ChipperX. For us certainly and I believe that for many of you too. Thank you for visiting our booth and for the trust you give us. We look forward to meeting you again at one of the exhibitions this year.

If you missed a chance to see ChipperX on ICE 2020 simply press the button below and check it at our website.