You have to make a big change, sometimes, to be better. On a never-ending quest to be the best, we have made one really big change.

To offer a new and exciting option for casino, and live gaming industries worldwide we have recently undergone the planned merger of our business operations, with Apex Gaming.

With our new brand Apex Live Gaming, we are aiming to become a substantial player in the live gaming global market. For the years of being Bono, we provided craftsmanship of high-quality live gaming product lines together with an expert team in managing.

We offer an attractive opportunity for Apex Gaming to strengthen and expand its production and customer service for live gaming markets around the world. On the other hand, our ambition for the merger is to stretch our influence beyond the home waters. In these challenging times, the vision of joining forces opens the gates to fan out into the deep blue ocean of rising opportunities, for both of us.

So let's keep our fingers crossed that we can continue to bring quality services and products to our customers.