Surveillance as one of the key factors in casino operation, BONO GS as a part of APEX GAMING TECHNOLOGY presents security features at the IACS 2017 conference in Tallinn This year´s conferece of International Association of Casino Surveillance took place in beautiful city of Tallinn in Estonia. Members of the association from all over the world discussed their ideas and concerns in Hilton Hotel´s congress halls. BONO GS as a part of APEX GAMING TECHNOLOGY has been invited to this conference as a special guest to introduce our products from the surveillance point of view and explain all the benefits that comes with it.

„Surveillance is one of the most important departments in whole casino industry. There will always be attempts of frauds on casino gaming floors and our job is to help surveillance personels to expose these attempt and avoid possible losses. For example our iDROP has several features that helps surveillance to their job more efficiently. The risk of counterfeit money is practicly zero, thanks bringing the high quality bill acceptor to all gaming tables,“ said Miroslav Homola, the CEO of APEX GAMING SK and BONO GAMING SYSTEM.

„Big Thank You APEX Gaming SK for participation in our Annual General Meeting 2017 in Tallinn and for sharing your new product information with us. Your new iDROP is obviously a product what every modern Casino wants to have.“ Hindrek Vain, on behalf of International Association for Casino Surveillance.