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High Satisfaction

Our customers deserve the best, and the best is what we supply them, all the time.

Nature Friendly

We care about our planet. So we use materials that are friendly to it wherever possible.

World-wide Delivery

Products and services we deliver are accessible to customers from all over the world.

Manufacturer of high quality live gaming products and accessories.

Yes, we do manufacture vast majority of products we are offering. We are not just some goods re-sellers. We are quality producers.

Our live game tables and other products are handmade by skilled craftsmen in a region where the woodworking tradition dates back more than two hundred years. Those skills, the feel for wood and the endless pursuit of quality are the ancestry our forefathers left us. We are proud to carry it on and to provide products and services exceeding expectations. We do not settle with the work half done as the main motive of our effort is the ultimate satisfaction of needs of our partners in regards to their live gaming operations.

People in Apex are always looking forward to help you become the live gaming provider of customer’s choice wherever in the world you are.

We are ambitious and hard-working team of professionals in the means of manufacturing, graphic design, logistics, production and services. Thanks to our abilities, we’ve managed to gain the trust of many clients all around the globe.

Apex Live Gaming is a trademark with an international reputation equipping casinos in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, the Baltic and Balkan countries, even in the USA and Africa's Kenya, Angola and Uganda. We’ve been continuously participating in important gaming events such as World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour or European Poker Tour. Our experiences gained from over a decade of being present in gaming industry allow us to fulfill any of our clients‘ requirements.

Apex Live Gaming offers a wide range of custom designed gaming products. Our main focus is to produce high-quality Poker, Card and American Roulette tables with customized casino game layout – Texas Hold’em, Black Jack, Baccarat, Easy Poker and so on. Another big part of our portfolio is standard equipment such as ceramic and plastic chips, playing cards, casino accessories, chairs or wheels of fortune.

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