ChipperX is a specialized chip sorting and management device. It is equipped with 12 chip tracks, each of which can be individually taught for a precisely defined number of chip types. Alternatively, the track can be used to collect unknown chips. Each track is automatically filled until full. Subsequently, the filled track is automatically turned off and remains off until the table operator has removed the chips.

ChipperX is controlled via a 7 “touch-screen full-color TFT display. For maximum security and clarity, the user interface and access are divided for the table operator (dealer), manager and service. ChipperX also provides remote access for the casino manager and remote access for service and customer support. During operation, the device generates game statistics and stores them for a period of one year. This allows the operator and managers to track information from a specific hour and minute of the game. Control software updates can be done remotely, with subsequent checking and launching into operational mode.

ChipperX can easily be moved between tables needed, because it is equipped with 4 transport wheels. The sorting speed is appropriately set to maximize the turnover of the table while giving the table operator sufficient time to draw chips. Sorting accuracy is high with minimal chip recognition variations. The device can be connected to the mains 230V or 110V. Power consumption at full power is approximately 300W.

Width: 1100 mm
Height: 800 mm
Depth: 690 mm
Weight: 116 kg


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