PRIME TRADITIONNEL Texas Hold ’em table traditional style with modern features is a fit for a number of casinos. This table offers a wide range of accessories that can be added to tables, such as ash trays and cup holders.

Solid wooden base with four shades of bating and matt varnish or high gloss black HPL board. Metallic footrest in gold or chromium finish. Table top with upholstered leatherette armrest and wooden rail to hold ash trays and cup holders.

All small metallic parts, such as tip box slots, are powder-painted.

Tabletop length: 250 cm*
Tabletop width: 125 cm*
Base height: 72,5 cm

  • Traditional style with modern features
  • Classy metallic accessories

Tabletop options for out Texas Hold ’em tables are:

The following items complement each other perfectly

MASTER playing cards
Poker button – Dealer
Tip box casino