Surely you know the familiar phrase: something ends, something begins. In our case, at the end of 2019, our great new cooperation with the brand new Grand Casino Liechtenstein began. It has been open since mid-December 2019 and we at Bono are very proud that our Liechtenstein friends have chosen us to supply their business. Players at the new Grand Casino Liechtenstein will find a huge chunk of fun and excitement on its four floors. And a large part of it was made possible by us and our products.

Poker and card games fans can experience a dream game in the new casino. All of the 10 tables found around are produced by us. Six new BARIL VIP poker tables, as well as four BARIL DIAMOND card tables, were made by our experienced craftsmen, especially for this casino. Casino players use customized playing cards from our MASTER collections. We made them by following the card game rules. We are the players ourselves and therefore we know that cards must feel well in hands and offer the proper game pace. Our MASTER playing cards offer it.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. The rules of the game are very simple, the game is fast and therefore it is enjoyed by players who do not have time to learn the rules of card games or want to play a fast and exciting game. That is why roulette tables, roulette wheels, and accessories must allow croupiers to fully concentrate on the fast play and not delay their unreliability or complicated control. BARIL DIAMOND tables, which we made for GC LI, are not only high-quality and stable but also fit perfectly into the luxurious casino interior. Our APEX HELIOS roulette wheels handle even the most demanding applications and offer fast and trouble-free operation to the dealer. That's why we put roulette tables on them and connected them to our winning number displays SYNOPSIS UNIVERSUM. Players can instantly see how the game is in progress and, at the same time, they can engage in other casino entertainment.


No matter how good and high-quality would the tables be, or how reliable roulette wheels would be, no good live game would be possible unless the casino also had quality chips and secure currency. Therefore, we at BONO, have prepared a complete casino currency that Grand Casino Liechtenstein uses to play live games. Also, they have received from us a wide portfolio of accessories that every casino needs, which makes the life of the croupiers easier.

It is a wise decision to look for a vendor who offers a wide portfolio of own products to meet the complete needs of live casino gaming. This eliminates the hassle of buying different items from different suppliers and also eliminates service issues. At Grand Casino Liechtenstein, they know it, so they decided to entrust ourselves with their live casino game equipment needs. We believe that they are satisfied with their decision because we know our products will serve them for a long time.