ChipperX2 is a top-tier chip sorting machine, perfect for any croupier. It is incredibly easy to operate, extremely fast, and can sort chips ranging from 39mm to 43mm in a single track, eliminating the need to adjust the device for sorting a specific chip size.

Its speed is truly unmatched thanks to a high-speed camera, top-notch motor, and the latest electronics that meet all current standards and requirements. Consider whether anyone else can sort 560 chips per minute continuously without breaks?

The organization is ensured across ten tracks, and each can differentiate four distinct types of chips. Variations may include new vs. old chips, or dirty vs. clean chips. Each track can process chips from 39mm to 43mm simultaneously. One track can be set for unprogrammed types, although it is not mandatory. Chips are stored in tracks, and a slider, which includes a small integrated magnet sensed by the electronics, is used to extract stacks of 20 chips, ensuring that chips do not fall off the track. Each track has its own operation indicator to alert the operator of any malfunctions or if the track is full. For safe operation, each track has an integrated sensor that stops the machine when a hand approaches the moving part, ensuring operator safety.

The dimensions of the ChipperX2 are so compact that it fits into any roulette table. If you have another type of sorter, it's not a problem. Simply replace the old machine with the ChipperX2. Its design minimizes interference in the croupiers' area, and the track width is adapted to pre-existing cuts in the tables, so no modifications are necessary. Extracting chips from the device is simple and organized into batches of 20, with the position of sorted chips ideally suited for both tall and short croupiers.

Whether you live in Europe, Asia, or America, you don’t have to worry about ordering a voltage converter. We’ve got you covered. The device’s power supply can operate from 100 volts up to 250 volts. It is also very energy efficient, consuming only 150 watts at maximum load.

Operational safety and the safety of service technicians are our top priorities. The device includes various sensors and detectors, ensuring that improper handling will not damage the machine. The electronics and control systems operate at safe voltages of 5 to 24 volts.

Width: 1045 mm
Height: 914 mm
Depth: 569 mm



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