Plaques and jetons

High quality casino plaques and jetons made with the highest standards of casino currency security. Technology we are using produces product, that is impossible to copy using conventional home printing equipment.

Special security feature available – UV SIGN, Serial No., Bar code, Golden metalic print

  • Jetons: 40 mm, 43 mm, 51 mm, 60 mm
  • Plaques with round corners: 66×48 mm, 82×57 mm, 94×66 mm, 107×75 mm, 118×82 mm
  • Plaques with cut corners: 66×48 mm, 82×57 mm, 94×66 mm
  • Oval plaquess: 94×66 mm

If you prefer to have a catalogue of our chips, plaques and jetons on your device, simply download it by clicking this Download button.

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