Winning number display Universum

Winning number display with extra slim case. Single sided version 3 cm, double sided version 4 cm. Showing full graphic features and statistics.

This super slim display contains high resolution 3D-model of roulette wheel, which simulates real wheel behaviour. More players can keep an eye on the state and also watch casino adverts and information slide show.

SYNOPSIS is a family of video capturing devices to read winning numbers from the roulette wheel. It is not just high quality graphics to display winning numbers for your eye pleasure. It is not only state-of-art video cam ball detection technology, which can read winning number within seconds. It is also a powerful secure tool, which makes you sure that every spin on the roulette is correct. Devices are easy to install. Push-Turn-Wait technology let you set up the display in a minute. All types of roulette wheels with coloured or monochrome (black, green, red, orange) pockets are supported. You can use own application to collect and analyze statistic data or you can use our solution.

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