Card shuffler SK2

The shuffling mechanism is designed for one deck of plastic or paper cards of max. size 88 x 63 mm (also narrow cards sized 88 x 57 mm can be processed). Cards size can be easily adjusted in user menu. Card shuffling is completely random.

Shuffling of cards will be accomplished in a single cycle. Cards are randomly distributed to 52 trays one by one, and they are subsequently lifted to the position for withdrawal. Each card is counted; the total number is shown on display. If there is a different number than 52, operator is notified of a wrong card number in the inserted pack.

At the end of each shuffling, the total number of cards in the deck is displayed. If the number is different from 52, the dealer will receive a notice of an incorrect number of cards on display.

  • For 1 Deck of Cards
  • One shuffling cycle takes 35 sec
  • Controls the number of cards in a pack
  • Increases the game’s productivity
  • Easy handling
  • GLI-29 compliant

Top panel 293 x 170 mm
Shuffler including top panel 280 x 146 x 288 mm
Size of hole in the table 284 x 151 mm
Weight 9,5 kg
Power supply 24V/2A (adapter included)

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